Eureka Kikuyu PBR

What is Eureka Kikuyu PBR Grass?

Eureka Kikuyu PBR grass is the premium all-round Kikuyu turf variety for most Australian climates.

Eureka Kikuyu provides a lush dense green lawn that easily takes the worst that the climate and heavy duty wear and tear can throw at it.

Deep roots and rapid regrowth as well as tolerance for full sun and drought make Eureka the perfect choice for a super hardy, beautiful green lawn year round.

Eureka has been carefully selected and bred by Lawn Solutions Australia to suit residential lawn, parks, sports grounds, golf tees, and racecourse requirements across a wide range of conditions.

Where Can I Buy Eureka Kikuyu Turf?

Right now, you can buy Eureka Kikuyu PBR, Australia’s top Kikuyu variety, from Grech’s Turf and be enjoying it the next day.

Grech’s Turf Supplies is an accredited Lawn Solutions Australia turf supplier. All our staff meet Lawn Solutions Australia’s requirements for extensive training, certification and regular professional development.

Our expert contractors offer a complete peace of mind installation service from measure and quote, landscaping, ground preparation, leveling and soil improvement through to taking delivery of your new turf, installation, quality control and watering in your new turf.

Our specialised trucks and forklifts provide safe delivery of your new turf for same day installation.

What’s so good about Eureka Kikuyu PBR?

Eureka Kikuyu loves sun and it displays high drought tolerance thanks to its deep and extensive root system.

You’ll be able to enjoy your yard in the summer when your neighbour’s grass is dying.

Those same deep roots that ensure it has enough water retention capabilities for summer months also give Eureka a high tolerance for waterlogged soils.

Eureka stays active in the colder months so the medium-coarse leaves will retain their beautiful green colour all winter long in colder areas as well.

It has good cold weather tolerance and shade tolerance and will tolerate mild frosts and even if it browns off a little will quickly bounce back as spring returns.

Eureka Kikuyu Turf Guide

Eureka spreads rapidly thanks to rapidly growing stolons and rhizomes so it’s extremely well-suited to high traffic areas.

This means, thanks to its rapid growth that you get a lawn that’s more resistant to wear and tear from children and pets.

And if your Eureka turf suffers any damage its vigorous growth habit allows it to quickly out-compete most weeds. In fact, it’s the most durable Kikuyu grass on the market.

You’ll love Eureka’s low to medium maintenance requirements. You can reduce mowing frequency thanks to Kikuyu’s ability to thrive with very low mowing heights.

It’s great to know that that you can get an instant perfect lawn without spending many hours on it.

How is Eureka Kikuyu PBR different from other Kikuyu varieties?

Eureka Kikuyu PBR is a carefully selected variety of Kikuyu that provides numerous invaluable advantages over other Kikuyu varieties.

Developed in Australia for Australian conditions, Eureka Kikuyu PBR not only meets AusGAP certification requirements but displays much greater tensile strength than other Kikuyu varieties.

This means it won’t tear or get damaged as easily as other Kikuyu turf types. It will repair itself faster than other Kikuyu types.

These high strength characteristics also make our job of harvesting and delivery easier ensuring the uncompromising integrity of the turf we deliver to you.

Eureka is also less prone to yellowing than other Kikuyu varieties and everyone loves the fact that Eureka had lower installation and maintenance requirements compared with other Kikuyu types.

Those are just some of the compelling reasons why Lawn Solutions Australia chose Eureka Kikuyu for its ideal Kikuyu turf.

Why Eureka Kikuyu is Such a Versatile Lawn

Eureka’s highly versatile able to cope with a wide variety of conditions. Its rapid growth and deep roots make it a great choice for erosion control and its tolerance of water logged areas means it is a perfect choice for transpiration areas or other difficult conditions.

Eureka spreads rapidly thanks to its extensive stolon and rhizome root system but as it’s male sterile it won’t be an aggressive invader and spread into garden areas or your neighbour’s property.

How to maintain your Eureka Kikuyu turf

Eureka is a low to medium maintenance lawn. Installation is a breeze thanks to its strong tight growth mat structure and it will quickly establish deep roots.

Once Eureka is established you’ll need to water your lawn deeply every 7 to 10 days in the summer.

Avoid over-watering. Add some fertilizer in early autumn and spring. Regular mowing to an appropriate height will keep it looking its best.

It Is Recommended That Property Owners Water Eureka Turf Every 7 to10 Days

For most residential lawns this might be once or twice each week in the growing season but for larger areas once a week will be adequate.

Eureka can cope with a wide range of mowing heights so you might choose to keep it short and mow less frequently.

Backed by Lawn Solutions Australia

Eureka Kikuyu is backed by Lawn Solutions Australia’s 10-year warranty. It’s your guarantee that we will deliver the highest quality Eureka Kikuyu to you.

Make sure you’re getting the Genuine Eureka Kikuyu

Talk to the turf experts at Grech’s Turf; you’ll not only get great advice but you’ll have the peace of mind assurance that comes with the finest quality Eureka Kikuyu turf.

And you’ll love our no-fuss expert delivery and installation service too.

Sir Walter Buffalo vs Eureka Kikuyu

Sir Walter Buffalo Vs Eureka Kikuyu

Sir Walter (Left) vs Eureka Kikuyu (Right)

Kikuyu varieties are a little more prone to weeds and pests than Sir Walter Buffalo so you may need to keep a closer eye out for possible infestations and spray a little more.

Sir Walter Buffalo is more drought tolerant than Eureka but Sir Walter Buffalo has a slower growth rate which means it won’t repair itself as quickly as Eureka.

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