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    Turf Installation Service

    If you wish to install a new lawn, or replace an old one, getting professional help is a desirable option for many.

    If you’re short on time, are unable to lay turf yourself or simply want the best possible result, then we recommend you have a landscaper install our turf for you.

    They are highly experienced with all aspects of lawn installation, and can inspect your site to assist in choosing the best variety for your unique situation.

    Grech’s Turf has a network of trusted professionals we can recommend to do this and to lay your turf.

    If you need, they can take care of everything from measuring up and making an order, to preparing the ground, taking delivery, and laying the turf for you.

    The turf installation process

    When assessing your project, a professional will first estimate how much turf you’ll require and discuss options for grass varieties that will suit your situation.

    They might poison old weeds and/or lawn that is to be replaced at that time and assess whether you will require any extra soil.

    They can place an order for turf, and possibly soil for you, and arrange a suitable delivery date and time.

    On the day of installation, they will prepare the ground by removing any existing ground cover, rocks, tilling the soil, adding any necessary additives, and levelling it.

    After the soil is prepared and the turf delivered, the laying can start. The landscaper will lay down your sod quickly and professionally, ensuring there are no air pockets underneath and there are no undesirable patterns or gaps in the laying.

    After the turf is laid, they will water it in, and provide you with instructions for care during the first critical weeks as your lawn establishes itself.

    They’ll also let you know when you can mow and what heights to set your mower at.

    Find out more about professional turf installation

    Contact us today about the options for getting professional help with installing a Grech’s lawn worthy of your neighbour’s envy!

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