Turf Prices

    Turf Prices


    Everyone adores a fresh green lawn; it’s just part of the Australian way of living. And with so many turf varieties available you’ll need to choose carefully to get the best lawn for your property.

    And yes, you might want to choose a variety based on how often you need to mow your lawn but you don’t want to cut corners by choosing the cheapest turf just because it’s cheap. So what do you need to know about turf prices? And how do you can make sure you’re getting the best value turf for your money?

    The first thing you need to know is that a healthy green turf is a real investment. Current research indicates that you can increase the resale value of your home by as much as 19% or around $90,000 on the average Australian house price.

    But if you choose the wrong turf variety or a cheap inferior quality product then you simply won’t get the results and you’ll end up paying more in maintenance and repair. When comparing different turf varieties you need to take into account a range of factors and the results may surprise you.

    How Much Does Premium Turf Cost?

    We supply five of Australia’s most popular turf varieties:














    You can see that there is quite a range of prices but rest assured we only sell the highest quality premium turf. All our turf varieties, from the lowest priced to the highest, are bred from Lawn Solutions Australia premium turf types.

    Our turf displays exceptional qualities including

    • Superior growth rates
    • Drought & frost tolerance
    • Enhanced disease resistance
    • Exceptional wear & tear
    • Pest hardiness

    Each of our carefully selected turf breeds has very special qualities so before we look at just why some grass types cost so much more than others let’s explore which grass might be best suited to your requirements.

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    How To Choose The Right Turf For You?


    When choosing the right turf it’s important to look at the suitability of the turf for your particular setting rather than simply choose based on price. Characteristics such as sun or shade tolerance, frost resistance, winter colour, damage repair, and water and maintenance requirements are far more important.

    Sometimes you might want to compromise, for example choosing a grass that retains good winter colour but which has slightly higher maintenance requirements than you would like. It’s important to note that the higher fertiliser and maintenance requirements for the cheaper grasses may mean that the price difference between a low-cost variety and the more expensive grasses will even out over the long run.

    In fact, often the higher costing turf will work out to be even cheaper.

    Tiftuf Bermuda Turf Pricing Australia

    TifTuf Bermuda

    TifiTuf Bermuda has been winning converts across the globe for many years now and is a firm favourite for golf courses and sports grounds as well as backyards throughout Australia. Beautiful fine leaf appearance and feel backed up by impeccable research and testing credentials, TifTuf Bermuda has some outstanding qualities.

    TifTuf Bermuda scores exceptionally well for drought, shade, and salt tolerance. It’s also a standout performer in the wear resistance and damage repair stakes. It offers very good pest resistance and provides great winter colour even in frosty conditions. However, it does require more maintenance than many of our other varieties thanks to its rapid growth rates.


    Sir Grange Zoysia Turf Pricing Australia

    Sir Grange Zoysia

    Sir Grange Zoysia is one of our top performing turf breeds. It delivers exceptional performance. Sir Grange Zoysia rates highly for drought and sun tolerance yet boasts a lovely soft textured blade and gorgeous rich green appearance all year round.

    It’s also very low maintenance. It’s hardly surprising then that Sir Grange Zoysia is also our most expensive turf.


    Sir Walter Turf Pricing Australia

    Sir Walter DNA Certified

    Sir Walter (DNA certified) is Australia’s most popular grass choice. Sir Walter is one of the Buffalo verities that have been carefully bred over decades to produce a superb all-round performer that combines a luscious soft leaf with good green colour even in winter.

    Its low maintenance requirements make it a very popular choice for both residential and commercial applications.


    Nullabor Couch Turf Pricing Australia

    Nullabor Couch

    Couch is a perennial favourite for Australian backyards that need to cope with full sun, drought and the rough and tumble of family life. It delivers great wear and tear resistance and recovers very quickly from damage. However, it’ doesn’t perform well in shade or winter conditions.


    Eureka Kikuyu Turf Pricing Australia

    Eureka Kikuyu

    Eureka Kikuyu has been a proven performer in Australian backyards for many years now. Offering good all-round performance especially in the sun tolerance and hardiness stakes. It repairs damage very quickly thanks to its rapid growth but this does mean it requires higher maintenance input than some of our other varieties.

    Eureka Kikuyu is a great choice especially where you need to grass large areas. It spreads rapidly by runners and so may not be such a good choice in small backyards.


    Some turf varieties are more expensive

    So Why Are Some Turf Types More Expensive?

    So why don’t all turf types cost the same?

    Turf prices vary for a number of reasons.

    • Some varieties such as the TifTuf Bermuda have evolved thanks to decades of intensive university research programmes and genetic selection.
    • All our turf grasses are genetically pure–even our cheapest turf, Eureka Kikuyu, comes with a 10-year product warranty.
    • But stellar performance costs more because proprietary brand seed suppliers need to recoup the cost of that research and development programme.
    • Some turf types are slower growing and it takes longer and costs more to feed and maintain on our farms.
    • The cheaper grasses grow really quickly and so we can turn around an order for that grass much more cheaply and rapidly.
    • For example, Kikuyu is ready for harvesting in as little as 6 months after planting whereas Buffalo might take as long as 18 months before it’s ready.

    You also need to allow for installation costs. These can vary widely depending on how much ground preparation work is needed. It’s really worthwhile getting the experts in to make sure your lawn is laid correctly but, naturally, you can save some money if you do it yourself.

    AUSGAP Grechs Turf Supplies

    Grech’sTurf is AusGAP Certified and the comprehensive accreditation programme not only ensures the purity and quality of our turf but it also monitors our business operations including customer service, health & safety, and environmental impact.

    We have many years of in-depth knowledge and experience and we will be happy to help you choose the right turf for your needs. Now, you can invest in a turf that will be greener on your side of the fence.

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