Lawn Grubs & Maintenance

Lawn Grubs

Lawn grubs are the larvae from insects which feed on the lawn roots, and can cause extensive damage.

Sir Walter lawn should recover from a grub attack pretty easily, though some other varieties may not bounce back so well. So it’s important that you can identify grub activity and act quickly when you do.

Insects that lay the larvae are most active in the spring months through to early autumn, and the best treatment for grubs is prevention.

Spraying LSA Grub Guard or using Sir Walter Buffalo Pest Control onto your lawn during this time is advised to stop the grubs from getting into your lawn in the first place.

The signs of lawn grub activity

If you see moths landing on your lawn around dusk, or there is increased bird activity on your lawn, you might experience grubs in the not too distant future.

If you have grubs, you will notice brown patches of lawn where the lawn appears to be dead, and you will be able to pull the lawn up easily because the roots have been eaten away by the grubs.

It may also feel spongy in this area. If you see these patches, especially in spring when the rest of the grass is starting to look good, it’s best to get treatment onto the affected area straight away, which will control the grubs in the soil.

Have you got lawn grubs? Learn more about identifying and killing lawn grubs.

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