Turf Questions & Answers


Turf Selection and Ordering

I’m not sure what turf is right for my landscape. Can you help? 

Try out our turf selector. It will ask you some questions about what you are looking for in terms of a lawn and then offer some suggestions. If you’re still not sure, please get in touch with us.

Yes. Whether it’s fertiliserspest controlweed controlother lawn products or tools and hardware, you can buy turf products online from Grech’s Turf Supplies.

Absolutely. A secure connection ensures that your information remains safe. Look for a green padlock symbol and/or the word ‘Secure’ in your browser to ensure that your information is protected.

Yes. We will be in touch to confirm your order and verify all your information.

Learn more about measuring and calculating the turf you need with the video and calculators on this page.

You will need at least 3–4 hours of sunlight for turf to do well. We recommend Sir Walter for shady areas.

Sir Walter is a great choice for high traffic areas as it repairs itself quickly.

Sir Walter is a great choice for high traffic areas as it repairs itself quickly.

Delivery and Postage

Yes, where possible, you can combine postage to save money on freight.

You can expect lawn care products delivered by Fast way Couriers the next business day. Generally turf is delivered within 2 working days.

As long as your turf is ordered by at least Thursday of that week you can expect your supplies to be delivered by the weekend.

We deliver turf to the Sydney metropolitan area and the Blue Mountains. For Central Coast and Wollongong enquiries please contact us to discuss availability.

Turf will arrive wrapped on a pallet. For most orders, the trucks will have a forklift to remove the pallets from the truck and drop to an acceptable area. Other orders will be hand unloaded by drivers.

If lawn care products are purchased with turf, these products will be delivered free of charge.

If you are making a single order of lawn care products, these items will be sent to you by Fast Way Couriers. Where possible we will also combine postage for products up to 25 kilograms.

Laying Turf

Our standard rolls of turf are 580mm wide and 1730mm in length, with a thickness of approximately 25mm.  This equals out to 1m². Our maxi rolls are 1.2m wide and generally lengths between 16m and 18m depending on the job.

You should endeavour to lay your turf as soon as possible, it is not recommended that you leave the turf, you should lay it the day you receive it.

We recommend that you use gypsum in this case as gypsum is a clay breaker.

You can lay turf on sand, however you will need to lay an organic fertiliser down before you do so.

Turf Underlay

Preferably a fertilised underlay is what you would use as the basis for your turf installation. Turf underlay is usually 80% sand and 20% soil. There is also a mix that is 60% sand and 40% soil, although we encourage you to use the 80% sand and 20% soil mix.

At this stage we do not supply turf underlay or top soil, though we can recommend a supplier.

Make sure if you do order turf underlay and top soil that you do it from a supplier with a high turn over. If birds have been flying over the top soil or turf underlay, they may leave droppings which can result in weeds in your lawn.

We recommend at least 50mm of underlay, ideally 100mm.


Water immediately after installation to prevent the turf from drying out. After initial watering, water should be applied early morning and early afternoon for 7–10 days.

In hotter seasons, more water may be required. The lawn should be watered once every second day in spring and summer, then move to weekly watering. However if you have a soft leaf buffalo turf watering will be required every day for the first 4 weeks.

We recommend using a hose —not a sprinkler— to water your new lawn. Once your lawn is established, you can then consider using sprinklers and other devices to water your lawn.

We don’t recommend it. Grass grows at night and night time watering can cause fungus in your lawn in cooler seasons. Late afternoon and early mornings are always a good time to water.

Fertilising and Weed Control

We recommend fertilising your new lawn a month after it is installed. Learn more about our fertilisers.

We recommend fertilising four times a year at the beginning of each season.