Measuring Your Lawn

You’ve done your research and decided on the right lawn for your site — what’s the next step? Well getting proper measurements for your site will help you know how much turf you need to order.

Measuring properly when it comes to the dimensions of your new lawn will help you save time, money and heartache. Make sure you use the same units of measurement for all parts of your measuring.

Break up the area into simple shapes

Working with simple geometric shapes will help you assess the area you have to cover and will make your calculations easier.

Rectangles and squares

When it comes to working with rectangles and squares, all you need to do is multiply the height by the length (h x l).


When it comes to triangles, multiple the height by half the base: h x (0.5 x b).

Add an extra 5% – just in case!

Add the areas of all your shapes together, but then add an extra 5% just in case! Remember nobody is perfect.

Next steps

Have you picked the right turf for your site?

Have you calculated the amount of turf you will need for your site?

    • Yes.
      It’s time to order your turf
    • Not yet?
      • Watch the video above and start working out the dimensions of your site with the calculators on this page.

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