Comprehensive Installation Checklist For Laying Turf

Immediate Steps After Delivery
  • Time Sensitivity: Don’t delay in laying down your turf, especially during hot weather. It is crucial you install your turf immediately after it is delivered.
  • Initial Fertilisation: Use a starter fertiliser like “Lawn Launcher,” as per your supplier’s guidance.
Installation Procedure
  • Turf Placement: Ensure the ends of each turf roll or slab are tightly adjacent, leaving no space.
  • Filling Gaps: Prefer using larger turf pieces for filling gaps, smaller pieces tend to dry out faster.
  • Hot Weather Installation: If the temperature exceeds 25°C, water the completed sections as you go along.
  • Optional Rolling: A light roll over the newly installed turf is optional but can be beneficial.
Special Considerations
  • Hard Surfaces: Use full rolls or slabs around hard surfaces like paths and fences, as these areas dry out quickly.
  • Slope Installation: Lay rolls or slabs across slopes for better stability.
  • Cutting Turf: Use sharp tools like a knife or garden shears for cutting turf to fit irregular shapes.


Immediate Aftercare
  • Urgent Watering: Immediate and consistent irrigation is critical, the lawn should never dry out in the first six weeks.
  • Traffic Management: Limit foot traffic until the lawn has rooted well and has been mowed at least 3-4 times.
Watering Schedule Based on Temperature
Daytime Temperature First 7 Days If Turf Pulls Up If Turf Won’t Pull Up After First Mow
Up to 25°C 4x/day 2x/day Every morning Every 2nd day
Up to 30°C (Calm) 5x/day 4x/day Early morning & afternoon Every 2nd day
Up to 30°C (Windy) 6x/day 5x/day Early morning & afternoon Every 2nd day
Over 30°C (Calm) 5x/day 4x/day Early morning & afternoon Every 2nd day
Over 30°C (Windy) 5x/day 4x/day Early morning & afternoon Every 2nd day
Ongoing Care
  • First Mow: Use a high setting to avoid scalping the lawn. Only ever mow one third of the leaf at a time.
  • Fertilisation: Apply another round of fertilizer 5-6 weeks after installation or after the first mow in cooler conditions.


Mowing Your Lawn
  • First Mow: The first time you mow your lawn, make sure the mower is set to a high level. This ensures that you don’t cut off too much of the grass, which could lead to scalping and stress the lawn.
  • Subsequent Mows: After the first mow, you can adjust the mower’s height based on your lawn’s needs and your aesthetic preferences. However, never remove more than one-third of the grass height in a single mowing session.
Fertilisation Schedule
  • Initial Fertilisation: 5-6 weeks after your turf has been installed, or after the first mow in cooler weather. This will provide the essential nutrients your lawn needs to grow strong and healthy.
  • Seasonal Fertilisation: Fertilise at the beginning of every season for a vibrant lawn.
Watering Routine
  • Monitoring: Keep an eye on the moisture level of your lawn. If it starts to look dry or the soil feels dry to the touch, it’s time to water.
  • Irrigation Method: Use a rain gauge or catch cup to measure the amount of water your lawn is receiving. Each watering session should provide at least 25mm of water.
Lawn Aeration
  • Why Aerate: Over time, soil can become compacted, especially in areas that receive a lot of foot traffic. Aeration helps to loosen the soil, allowing water, nutrients, and air to penetrate more easily.
  • When to Aerate: Aerate your lawn seasonally or as needed, based on the amount of foot traffic it receives.
  • Dry Corners: The corners of turf rolls dry out easily and need extra water.
  • Lawn Diseases: Keep an eye out for signs of lawn diseases like brown patches or parts of the lawn dying. Early detection and treatment are key to managing these issues.
  • Wilting Leaves: Wilting or shrivelling of leaves are an indication that a deep watering is needed.

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