Lawn Weeds

Not all varieties are susceptible to lawn weeds, but all grasses are likely to suffer weeds at some time during the year. Sir Walter Buffalo is the least likely to get weeds due to the thick nature of the lawn that prevents weeds from taking hold. But even Sir Walter will get weeds in it over time.

Weeds tend to germinate and spread quickly. Left untreated, your lawn could become more weeds than grass! It’s important that if you see weeds starting to appear on your lawn, that you act to remove them before they become a problem. Young weeds are less likely to have germinated and started to spread their seeds, so that’s the time to remove them!

Some weeds can be removed easily by hand, others will require a herbicide to remove. Here are some common weeds you may encounter, and how they should be treated.

Winter grass

Winter grass grows in the cooler months. It looks a bit like your lawn, but is a brighter colour and has thinner, taller blades. It clumps together and will develop seeds at the tips if left too long. If it goes to seed, these go into the soil and will recur the following year more numerously.

Remove it by hand when you see it or if you can catch it early enough, you can poison it with a special weed killer. Applying a winter grass-specific herbicide in spring (April-May) can remove winter grass en-masse. But it’s only worth doing if you can apply before June, after which time it’s too late.

If you lawn is infested, keep it mown so that the weeds can’t go to seed, then treat with the herbicide next year.

Lawn Weed | Winter Grass Treatment

Read more about wintergrass and crows foot grass here.


This has a yellow daisy-like flower that grows on a long sappy stem from a radial base of notched leaves. When the flower dies, it leaves behind ball of hairy seeds that blow off in the wind to spread.

It’s best to remove these by hand before or while the yellow flower is in bloom, before it’s gone to seed. Or you can apply a herbicide with a wand to the base leaves, being careful not to apply to the grass.

Lawn Weeds | Dandelion


Most people are familiar with bindiis as they leave little thorns (seeds) in bare feet when you tread on them. They have small, fine, fern-like leaves, usually light green in colour.

Treat these in autumn or winter before the plant goes to seed with a specific bindii herbicide such as Lawn Lovers Buffalo Weed Control. This can be applied to the lawn and it will selectively kill the bindii weed.

Lawn Weeds | Bindii


Cudweed looks almost like tiny shiny lettuce leaves in your lawn. They have fibrous roots and may have little flowers. It’s best to remove these by hand or with a herbicide such as Lawn Lovers Buffalo Weed Control.

Lawn Weeds | Cudweed


While some may find clover lucky, it’s certainly not when you have it take hold of your lawn. Clover typically has three soft, small heart-shaped leaves per stem, and grows thickly among your lawn grass. It can spread quickly under the ground and can only be removed with a herbicide such as Lawn Lovers Buffalo Weed Control.

Lawn Weed | Clover

Creeping Oxalis

Similar to clover in appearance but has little yellow flowers and thin tap roots. Treat like clover and get the Lawn Lovers Buffalo Weed Control. onto it before it becomes a problem.

Lawn Weeds | Oxalis

Weed Treatment

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