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Lawn Care

Caring for your lawn is an important part of keeping it looking great and free from weeds and pests. Fertilising, weeding, mowing, aerating and de-thatching are all activities you may need to perform from time to time.

Here we have some resources that will help you to stay on top of maintenance, and to resolve any issues which may occur. Also check out our Lawn Care Tips and News page.

If you can’t find what you need to know on our website, feel free to give us a call and ask a question. We’re always happy to share our expertise with you.

Levelling your lawn for a picture perfect yard

How to Level a Lawn for that Picture Perfect Yard!

Want a Level Lawn? We’ve got some great advice so you can learn all you need to know about how to level your own lawn for that bowling green perfection.

Laying Sir Walter Buffalo

Sir Walter Turf Laying Tips

Try to lay your new turf within 24 hours of delivery. The soil should be moderately moist when you start laying turf.

Roll out turf starting from the longest straight edge. Butt all joins tightly together with no overlapping.

Eureuka Kikuyu PBR

Eureka Kikuyu PBR

What is Eureka Kikuyu PBR Grass? Eureka Kikuyu PBR grass is the premium all-round Kikuyu

Comparing Real Grass Vs Artificial Turf

The Ultimate Guide Comparing Real Grass vs Artificial Grass

Find out which grass is better, we’ve done all the hard work and we’ll show you all the Pros and Cons for each, the real grass vs the fake grass.

Lawn Care Calendar | Grech's Turf Sydney

Lawn Care Calendar

Our lawn care calendar breaks down the tasks you should keep on top of throughout the year into seasons.

Lawn Maintenance | Grech's Turf Sydney

Lawn Maintenance

Keep your lawn looking great and performing well all year round with our guide to essential Lawn Maintenance.

Lawn Grubs Sydney | Grech's Turf

Lawn Grubs

Lawn grubs can cause extensive damage to lawns. It’s important that you identify grub activity & act quickly.

Weed Control in Turf | Grech's Turf Sydney

Lawn Weeds

Weeds tend to germinate and spread quickly. Left untreated, your lawn could become more weeds than grass!

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