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Our industry standard turf will turn any Sydney backyard into a stunning instant lawn, adding significant value and aesthetic appeal to your property.

Grechs Turf produces a wide range of superior grass types that are highly tolerant to Australia’s harsh drought, weed, sun and shade weather conditions.

The turf varieties offered at Grechs are guaranteed for genetic integrity so you can rest assured knowing that your getting the absolute best turf for your property.

Our turf grasses boast extremely high resilience to the Australian climate with different growing requirements and conditions for each turf type.

We have everything you need to prepare for your new lawn, install your new lawn and care for it.

Turf Delivery

We promise a prompt 6 days a week delivery service throughout Sydney, NSW and surrounding suburbs:

  • Delivery fee: $99.00
  • Estimated delivery time: Next working day*
  • Turf is locally grown on Richmond & Windsor farms
  • Optional turf laying on delivery service

Turf Varieties

At Grech’s Turf we are committed to supplying high-quality instant turf that is suitable for any site.

We grow a wide variety of grass types in order to meet the needs and requirements from homeowners, landscapers golf courses, racetracks, sportsfields and home yards and gardens around Australia.

Our most popular product range includes the Lawn Solutions Australia turfs such as: Sir Walter Buffalo, Sir Grange Zoysia, Nullabor Couch, TifTuf Bermuda, and Eureka Kikuyu.

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Lawn Solutions Australia Accredited Turf Grower
Lawn Solutions Australia 10 Yr Warranty

All Our Turf is Locally Grown

When you buy turf from an Accredited LSA Grower such as Grech’s Turf, you can rest assured you are getting the very best quality & service available.

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