Nullarbor Couch Turf


Nullarbor Couch is the perfect choice for a manicured lawn that stands out from the crowd. It will give long lasting performance in full sun areas.

  • High Drought Resistance
  • Great For Full Sun Areas
  • Very High Wear Tolerance
  • Fine Leaf Diameter
  • 10-Year Product Warranty



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Nullarbor Couch Turf – the perfect choice for work, rest and play.

Nullarbor Couch, selected by Lawn Solutions Australia as the very best performing couch turf for your home lawn, sporting surface or commercial project. It is the couch variety that is best suited to your region and is the perfect choice in couch grass. It has:

  • a fine leaf blade & dark green colour
  • a strong horizontal growth habit that makes it tolerant of low mowing
  • low dormancy which means it has an early start to growth after winter
  • a rapid recovery from wear and other stresses
  • good tolerance of broadleaf herbicides for weed control
  • excellent wear tolerance

Choose our Couch Grass to produce a manicured looking lawn that stands out.  Nullarbor Couch will give long lasting performance in full sun areas. It is widely used because it makes a good environmentally friendly surface for your yard, playing field or parkland area when frequently mowed every 5-7 days in summer.

Couch grass produces a very dense turf that is an attractive luscious green colour. Nullarbor Couch has been researched, evaluated and trialled for the past 20 years.

You should buy Nullarbor Couch for places in full sun, as it requires at least 5-6 hrs sunlight per day.

Nullarbor Couch turf maintenance

Like most couch grasses Nullarbor Couch will require frequent mowing in the summer and can invade garden beds with its deep subterranean runners. Because couch thatches up more quickly than other lawn varieties, it will require vertimowing or de-thatching from time to time. But because of it’s lateral growth habit, Couch can be mown much lower than other varieties. This will also help to keep thatch at bay.

When you have a Couch lawn, it can be prone to weed and pest problems, so you will need to keep on top of these with the right sprays and other control measures.

Like all varieties, couch will enjoy being watered every few weeks in summer. But it is a very drought tolerant lawn, so it should not require as much as others like kikuyu.

Apply a Lawn Solutions Australia recommended fertiliser 2-3 times per year to maintain a dense vigorous turf sward. Otherwise, Nullarbor Couch maintenance requirements (pests, diseases, etc.) are relatively low. It is best mown at about 15-25 mm height.

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