Laying Turf in Winter: Essential Tips for a Healthy Lawn

Laying Turf in Winter: Essential Tips for a Healthy Lawn When it comes to laying turf winter might not be the first season that comes to mind, but there are actually several advantages to installing your new lawn during these cooler months. In this blog post, we will delve into the benefits of laying turf in winter and discuss the…

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Can You Really Mix Two Types of Grass?

Can You Mix Two Types of Grass? Some people, looking for a cheap lawn solution, turn to using seed. Traditional lawn seed usually contains a mix of varieties. Not only is this a laborious process but unreliable grass seed germination rates and the difficulty of protecting the newly planted grass seed often leads to less than satisfactory results. But can you…

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Measuring For Your New Lawn

You’ve done your research and decided on the right lawn for your site — what’s the next step? Well getting proper measurements for your site will help you know how much turf you need to order. Measuring properly when it comes to the dimensions of your new lawn will help you save time, money and heartache. Make sure you use…

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