History of Sir Walter Buffalo Lawn

Despite the fact that Buffalo grass was always slow to establish, suffered poor colour retention and gave thousands of Aussie kids annoying itchy rashes it remained a popular post-war choice of grass in Australia.

It maintained its popularity right up to the 1950s because of its tough blade structure, heat tolerance and, above all, low water consumption.

Sir Walter Logo Timeline

Kikuyu was initially imported as a rapid growing cow feed, but soon became popular as a lawn choice, gaining in popularity during the 1960s as a cheap lawn solution.

Far from being the budget saviour of lawns in Australia, it wasn’t long before it turned into an invasive noxious weed taking over much of the eastern coast.

Sir Walter Buffalo Lawn – Australia’s Most Successful Lawn in the Shade

During the 1990s housing trends changed and the existing lawn varieties struggled to adapt.

Houses became larger, blocks became smaller and the traditional Aussie lawn became smaller too. Larger houses meant that suddenly lawns had to deal with shade and extreme heat all at the same time.

The solution to these issues appeared from the States in the from of new varieties of grass, however while these initially promised great things, they often suffered in the harsh Australian environmental conditions.

Shademaster, the first soft leaf buffalo grass, revitalised the lawn market and paved the way for locally engineered turf products.

The future arrived in 1996 with the arrival of a grass that was more resilient to disease, pests and fungus than other grasses.

It was drought resistant, thrived in shade and sun and stayed green and lush throughout the year.

It was called Sir Walter

15 years down the line and following extensive testing, thousands of lawn installations and some of the harshest weather conditions to date, Sir Walter Buffalo Lawn continues to thrive.

It has shrugged off humidity related funguses, extreme water restrictions, shade, insects, lawn grubs and weeds where other varieties would not have survived. Sir Walter Buffalo Lawn really is the best home lawn.

Sir Walter buffalo lawn is a hard wearing, but beautiful soft leaf buffalo and it remains Australia’s no. 1.

Now DNA Certified, Sir Walter buffalo lawn is exclusively available from Lawn Solutions Australia.

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