Lawn Grub Killer

Have You Got Lawn Grubs?

Lawn grubs are the larvae from moths, and other insects that have hatched from eggs laid in the soil under your lawn. You can tell you’ve got them if brown, spongy patches start to appear in your lawn, especially when the rest of the lawn seems healthy.

If you can easily pull up the turf in the affected area (because the roots aren’t holding it down very well) then you could well have lawn grubs. The lifecycle of the grubs is about a month, with 3 of these weeks spent under the lawn eating the roots! Treating lawn grubs after they’re already in your lawn is harder than preventing them from getting into your lawn in the first place.

We recommend spraying with LSA Grub Guard or using Sir Walter Buffalo Pest Control, which lasts longer than other pest control measures, as it tends to stay in the soil longer.

You just spray it over your lawn and it will help to control the grubs in the ground, as well as to prevent new eggs being laid, thus breaking the lifecycle.

If you do this once in each season, you should be well on your way to eradicating these little blighters and having a lush, even looking lawn.

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