Lawn Aerator Sandals



Aerator sandals are an easy way to prevent compression of the earth under your lawn which may lead to brown patches and thinning grass.


These fashionable aerator sandals are the perfect antidote to compacted lawns.

Heavy foot traffic or other activities that compress the earth under your lawn will inhibit the healthy growth of the root system. These areas will start looking brown, the grass will get thin, possibly weed-ridden and then eventually become bare dirt.

Don the aerator sandals before things get out of hand and have a tromp around the affected areas to get some air back into the soil.

Some clay soil types will be more prone to compaction than others, and we recommend you also add some gypsum to the soil in these cases. It’s preferable to do that before the lawn is layed. But you can do it after aerating an existing lawn and then watering it in.


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