HydroForce Extend – 20 litres


  • Highest quality, 100% Block Co-Polymer Surfactant Formulation.
  • Excellent Residual Performance.
  • Non burn formulation, minimal interaction with the plant’s cuticle.
  • 100% concentration of surfactant. Maximises molecule output and performance.
  • Reduces irrigation requirements by increasing the rate and depth of water penetration.
  • Flexibility in rate, dependent upon intensity of use.
  • Manufactured and developed in Australia for the harshest of climatic conditions.




HydroForce Extend Surfactant for Turf

HydroForce Extend Wetting Agent – 20 litres

HydroForce Extend is the ultimate solution for preventing localized dry spots in turf and soil. Its advanced, non-ionic formulation ensures it works over a long period of time to provide unbeatable protection. It’s also safe to use on all types of turf during warm and cool seasons alike!


• HydroForce Extend is a 100% non-ionic, residual surfactant formulation for long term prevention of localised dry spot occurrence.
• It offers unmatched performance capabilities in both sandy and finer textured soil profiles.
• HydroForce Extend has excellent warm and cool season turf safety characteristics.
• Can be used in all forms of turf management that require residual properties.

HydroForce Extend Extended Label

Directions for Use

• Shake well before each use. For maximum performance, apply at recommended rates followed by a light irrigation to move product into the root zone.
• Keep container closed when not in use.
• Mix in spray tanks with water and agitation.
• May require addition of a defoamer.Indigo Specialty Turf Products

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