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Lawn Repair – Everything You Need to Know

You’ve invested time, money and energy into a good looking lawn but there are sections of patchy incomplete grass.

Is there anything worse than a patchy lawn? Here are some of the reasons your lawn is looking patchy, as well as an easy fix!

Why your lawn is looking patchy

There are many reasons why your lawn may be looking less than its best. Patchy incomplete lawns can be the result of:

  • Objects/furniture sitting on lawn for long periods of time
  • Pet damage and general foot or vehicle traffic
  • Lawn scalping – when too much leaf material is removed during mowing
  • Excessive shade/not enough sunlight
  • Compacted soil
  • Poor soil drainage

Keeping furniture, pets and people off your lawn can help the lawn maintain its condition over time.

It is important to remember that the sooner you act, the easier it will be rectify small patches of worn-out lawn before they become larger areas and a huge headache!

An easy fix with instant turf

The easiest and cheapest option for bare and worn-out patches is to buy instant turf. With instant turf you don’t have to wait for grass seed to grow, and the dramatic improvement can be seen straight away!

Installing instant turf is a two step process. Simply:

  1. Rake out any dead foilage and decompact the dirt.
  2. Apply turf and water in well.

In no time you will be enjoying fuller, luxurious grass and your lawn will the envy of the street!

If you need to buy turf online, you can learn about the varieties of turf that are best suited to Sydney conditions or get some help in choosing the right turf from Grech’s Turf Solutions.

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