Landscaping With Turf In Sydney Gardens

When it comes to landscaping around your home, most people naturally think of plants, pots and pavers.

However natural turfed grass has many benefits for both you and your home, and can be very effective when incorporated in your landscape design.

Benefits of landscaping with turf

Having a good landscape design adds value and street appeal to your home. A study by Michigan University¹ found that a well landscaped yard increased the perceived value of a home by 5 to 10%.

Incorporating turf around your home also has health benefits. Living grass helps to purify the air and improve air quality; it also helps absorb sound and reduces noise pollution, making it an ideal addition to your Sydney home.

Uses for grass in landscaping

There is no comparison to the feeling of soft, lush grass underfoot.

No matter how you landscape your garden, incorporating turf will provide the finishing touch to your own personal oasis – whether you have children playing, pets exploring or are simply spending a relaxing Sunday at home.

Grass can be used in a number of ways within your landscape design, such as:

  • With paving
    Lush green grass is ideal as a softener around pavers and adds contrast and interest to the overall look of your design. Grass can be used to highlight a decorative pattern or layout of your pavers.
  • For terracing
    Incorporating natural grass between terraces creates usable space in sloped yards. It also allows you to create “rooms” within your design, each with its own unique features.
  • Under vertical gardens
    Vertical gardens are increasingly popular in small suburban yards. The beauty of vertical gardens is that your plants are mounted on a wall or screen, leaving the rest of the space clear. Including turf with vertical gardens creates a sense of space in an otherwise small area.
  • As a living space
    Using turf in your yard allows maximum use of the space, which is perfect for children and pets to play, and for accommodating a leisurely Sunday barbeque with friends.

There are many more uses for natural grass in landscaping. Your landscape designer will have many ideas on how to best incorporate it into your design.

Choosing the right turf for landscaping

Sydney has a variety of soil types across the city – from sand, to clay, to rock – so it would seem difficult to choose the right type of turf for your home.

However, there is one turf that will accommodate most Sydney conditions – Sir Walter. Sir Walter is Sydney’s number 1 lawn choice because it is drought tolerant, so it will continue to be soft and green over summer.

Sir Walter is also shade tolerant, so even if you have established trees in your garden, it will still look attractive. And in the depths of winter the trustworthy Sir Walter turf will maintain its lovely green colour, adding vibrancy to your garden year-round.

If you use turf with pavers or around garden beds, you will love Sir Walter for it’s non-invasive nature – it will not encroach on your garden beds, however it will crowd-out most weeds.

If you have pets who like to dig as they explore, Sir Walter is perfect because it recovers quickly from damage. Or if you have children playing in the garden, you can take comfort as Sir Walter has been DNA certified as non-allergenic.

Sir Walter turf is perfect for Sydney landscaping. Be inspired by what others have created in their city gardens on our Pinterest board.

Learn more about DNA Certified Sir Walter Buffalo

¹ “Landscape plant material, size and design sophistication increase perceived home value.” Study by the Department of Horticulture, Michigan State University.

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