How DNA Buffalo Turf is Certified

How Does Sir Walter DNA Certification Work?

AusGAP is the Australian Turf Accreditation Program that provides turf buyers with assurance that the turf you are buying adheres to stringent quality standards.

The AusGAP program ensures that the turf that you receive is a pure product. AusGAP certified programs are visually-free of weeds and pests and disease damage and will live up to the claims made on the product warranties that accompany every delivery of AusGAP certified turf.

This commitment to quality and accountability is the reason AusGAP certified grasses are the best on the market.

How does DNA Sir Walter Turf earn an AusGAP certification?

Any turf product receiving the AusGAP certification must adhere to strict set of quality standards. There is a 5-step process that can take up to 24 months to achieve final certification.

The process involves onsite inspections and audits to prove the business complies with AusGAP’s requirements. DNA Sir Walter Turf meets these exacting standards to be a perfect product for Australian lawns!

There are 4 major components that cover every step in the turf production lifecycle, and the procedures and services that accompany each phase.

Turf production and harvesting

  • Environmental and biosecurity management
  • Land requirements for turf production
  • Turf production and harvesting standards
  • Fertiliser application and nutrient management

Turf quality, delivery and installation

  • Purity of turf variety
  • Turf tensile strength
  • Visually weed free
  • Free of pest and/or disease damage
  • Delivery and installation standards

Business Compliance

  • Work Health and Safety (WHS) requirements and compliance
  • Plant and machinery maintenance
  • Staff licensing, training and insurances
  • Chemical use and storage requirements

Marketing and customer service

  • Customer service standards and expectations
  • Warranty compliance and management
  • Staff training on product varieties and services

Platinum Zoysia Turf

When you purchase DNA Sir Walter Turf you can rest assured that the turf you order will be the turf you receive and that they will meet very high standards of support and customer service through every aspect of the turf production lifecycle.

Turf supplied by AusGAP producers – like DNA Sir Walter Turf – is accompanied by a 10-year product warranty, the only such quality guarantee in the Australian turf industry.

With the AusGAP difference you can rest assured knowing you are getting the best turf on the market.

Read more about the AusGAP process in this PDF brochure

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