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The Grass Is Actually Greener For Home buyers


The grass really is greener when it comes to desirable homes. A well maintained green lawn is a real attraction for most Australian homebuyers.

“The grass actually is greener – adding up to $83,600 to the sale price of your home. Concrete slabs, pavers and synthetic lawns are out and buffalo is back after a new survey revealed home buyers will pay up to 19 per cent more for a house with a lawn.”

— Vikki Campion, Urban Affairs Reporter
Daily Telegraph: House hunters want a lawn

House hunters want a lawn

House hunters want a lawn because…

  • Safe playing area for the kids (73%)
  • For relaxation (32%)
  • Gardening is a hobby (14%)

Value a lawn adds to a property

  • National
    • Without lawn: $344,707
    • With lawn: $420,375 ( increase of 18%) 
  • Victoria
    • Without lawn: $340,200
    • With lawn: $420,000 ( increase of 19%) 
  • New South Wales
    • Without lawn: $356,400
    • With lawn: $440,000 ( increase of 19%) 
  • Queensland
    • Without lawn: $356,400
    • With lawn: $405,000 ( increase of 12%) 
  • South Australia
    • Without lawn: $316,800
    • With lawn: $316,800 ( increase of 12%) 
  • Western Australia
    • Without lawn: $404,950
    • With lawn: $445,000 ( increase of 9%) 

Aussies want real grass

95% of Australians want real grass in their backyard. 

Download a PDF of this infographic [320kb]


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