Have You Been Getting Earthworm Mounds In Your Lawn?

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Getting Earthworm Mounds In Your Lawn?

Worm Castings

Have you seen a few little mud balls on your lawn lately?

When there are a lot of these mud balls or castings, they’re an eyesore, especially if you like to trim your grass short.

We get a lot of calls from customers concerned about this pesky earthworm behavior, but it’s one lawn problem that we don’t recommend addressing.

The presence of excessive earthworm castings in your soil can help to improve the condition of your lawn, but with changing conditions, these castings may soon disappear.


These creatures are great for your lawn’s health and they are busily working away beneath the soil surface.

If earthworms are present in your soil, it means you have healthy soil that contains a good amount of organic material, so there is no reason to worry about them.

If anything, you should be more worried if they are not present, as this will likely mean that your surrounding soil is lacking in nutrients and a good amount of organic matter.

These worm mounds can be a little annoying, but inevitably they will benefit your lawn. Here are a few good reasons why:

Earthworm Benefits for a Healthy Lawn

  • Aerate your soil
  • Breaking down of thatch
  • Increased decomposition
  • Creation of usable nitrogen in the soil
  • Natural fertilizer

Worm castings leaving small mounds in soil

Earthworms are a goldmine for your lawn!

They eat up whatever organic matter (grass clippings) is available in the soil, which then acts as a slow release fertilizer for your lawn by releasing nutrients back into the soil as they travel through it.

Why Would Earthworms be Considered a Problem For Your Lawn?

Worms are a common sight on your lawn during the spring and autumn when it rains more than usual.

They come up to feed on organic matter as well as emerging for air exposure every few hours or so before returning back down again due to their short lifespans which make them very susceptible indeed!

The problem here though begins with all those mud balls you see dotting across otherwise pristine surfaces.

When the castings are dry, you can rake or brush them across the lawn

What you can do about earthworm castings

  • When the worm casts have dried, you can rake or brush them across your lawn. Just like an organic fertiliser this will provide nutrients for plant life and settle into roots helping to make sure that every inch of soil gets some love!
  • When the climate is wet and nothing else will dry out, you can pick these up by hand. They’re best added to your compost pile though!
  • If rain and wet conditions have been persistent, then this can be particularly frustrating. The worms may continue their activity in search of moisture even when you reduce water availability for your lawn by limiting the amount that is applied or applying it more frequently than usual- which could lead to an extended period where castings are sticking around!
  • To help reduce the appearance of castings on your lawn, spray it with a hose. The addition of even more water can be somewhat counterproductive so only do this when there are particularly bad cases and you know how much rain has already fallen that day or week!
  • The higher you set your lawnmower, the less visible castings will be in comparison to those left behind when cutting on lower settings.

Limiting worm activity

  • If you want to reduce the number of earthworms on your lawn, just make sure to collect any leaves and other foliage that could be food for them.
  • By raking these items above ground level or mowing with a catcher there will no longer be any available resources they need so hopefully this leads them back below-ground where we find all sorts of goodies!
  • To lower the moisture levels of your lawn, top dress it with a high sand content material. This will help encourage them to go down into the soil and grow more deeply than they would otherwise be able to in the summertime when you have higher temperatures that cause evaporation from plants’ surfaces (and other sources).

Instead of panicking when you see these small mounds on your lawn, pat yourself on the back and celebrate their contribution to soil health. Enjoy what they are providing for both plants and animals!


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